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Directional Flashing Lights

Directional flashing lights are a useful vehicle accessory when it comes to improving the visibility of your vehicle. They work by flashing a bright beam of light in a particular direction, which makes it easy for other road users to see you. These truck flashing lights can be found on dump trucks, traffic management vehicles, firefighter trucks, and tow trucks....

Some directional flashing lights for a truck are designed to mount in the window with suction cups and a cigarette lighter plug for quick installation. Also available are red/green options used as safety lights to show when a machine is safe to approach.

At TransQuip, our selection of directional flashing lights is available in different sizes and mounting options to cater for all vehicle types. Our low profile directional lights are suitable for any vehicle type as it can be mounted in places like the front grille, where it will only be noticed when it is turned on.

They put out a very bright beam of light with many flash patterns that can be synchronized together with multiple lights, so they flash together or in a pattern that looks awesome. They all feature tough polycarbonate lenses that make them highly durable and robust. Our directional flashing truck lights are available in different colours like amber (orange) red, white, blue, magenta and green, so you can be sure you'll find one that suits your needs.

We at TransQuip are committed to meeting the needs of vehicle owners and road users in New Zealand. By installing quality directional flashing lights with bright beams on your vehicle, your vehicle will be a lot more visible. It will also significantly reduce the chances of any road mishap as a result of poor visibility. Get in touch with us at TransQuip for your directional flashing lights. We are confident we have just the right one for your vehicle.

28 Items

Multi-flash amber directional LED light
NZ$‎144.56 + GST / Each
Code: H9590
Amber 4 LED light head, U bracket
NZ$‎126.57 + GST / Each
Code: 9880U
Amber 4 LED light head, L bracket
NZ$‎126.57 + GST / Each
Code: 9880L
Window mounted red/white LED flashing light
NZ$‎237.62 + GST / Each
Code: 9127RW
Window mounted red LED flashing light
NZ$‎237.62 + GST / Each
Code: 9127
Window mounted green LED flashing light
NZ$‎221.77 + GST / Each
Code: 9125G
Window mounted blue LED flashing light
NZ$‎165.57 + GST / Each
Code: 9125B
6 LED light head, super thin, 112 x 28 x 9mm
NZ$‎87.83 + GST / Each
Code: 9121-Amber
Chrome bracket for mounting #9118
NZ$‎10.55 + GST / Each
Code: 9118B
Pop up amber light kit amber grommet
NZ$‎176.07 + GST / Each
Code: 9118
12 LED light head blue 129mm
NZ$‎92.56 + GST / Each
Code: 9116B
18 LED light head Amber 118mm x 50mm x 11mm
NZ$‎132.83 + GST / Each
Code: 9116
6 LED light head amber 128mm
NZ$‎131.63 + GST / Each
Code: 9113
3 LED light head white 86mm
NZ$‎174.25 + GST / Each
Code: 9112
3 LED light head red 86mm
NZ$‎100.15 + GST / Each
Code: 9111