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OE Lights (Original Equipment)

O.E. lights means Original Equipment lights. They are unique to the vehicle model with features designed to offer optimal lighting based on the vehicle model. At TransQuip we offer all kinds of O.E automotive lights for commercial vehicles like Utes, Vans, Trucks and Buses....

What makes O.E. lights essential for Commercial Vehicles?

Driving a truck or bus in poor visibility is dangerous. Vehicle lights help all road users navigate when driving, even in high traffic, and adverse weather conditions. The reversing lights alert other drivers when a truck is backing, while brake lights notify everyone that you are bringing the speed of your vehicle down and indicators show your intention to turn.

What do you have to Consider when Buying a O.E. Lights?

TransQuip provides expert advice while offering a wide variety of original lights. O.E lights are made to fit a specific model vehicle so it is vital to get the correct fit. Most O.E lights have a number on the lens which can be used to identify it and many have standards markings to meet legal requirements like an E mark. This is to ensure they are made to the required quality, which in turn helps keep our roads safe.
Also remember to specify the exact vehicle light you want, along with the lens colour. Some of those in stock include tail lights corner lights, or headlights, and many others. Let your vehicle model information guide you in making the right call. For example, parts designed for Mazda Utes and Vans are different from those built for Mitsubishi trucks and buses.
In case you need more than just lights for your vehicle, we are at your service to offer our expert advice on related accessories and parts you can use to improve your vehicle.

What kind of O.E. Lights TransQuip Stocks?

TransQuip has a huge range of O.E Lights including all of the below brands and more.

  • Daihatsu Lights
  • Ford Lights
  • Hino Lights
  • Isuzu Lights
  • Mazda Lights
  • Mercedes Lights
  • Mitsubishi Lights
  • Nissan Lights
  • Scania Lights
  • Toyota Lights
  • Volvo Lights

Contact Us

TransQuip stocks Original Equipment lights for most Trucks, Buses, Utes and Vans. Essentially we are the solution to your truck lights needs. For all your commercial vehicle lights, get in touch with TransQuip today or browse our range to see the available options.

141 Items

Isuzu Colorado tail light LED Top 2012>
NZ$‎228.38 + GST / Each
Code: IZ30-189
Toyota Hilux tail light 15-22
NZ$‎197.18 + GST / Each
Code: TY30-114
H4 halogen globe24V 75/70W
NZ$‎21.23 + GST / Each
Code: 48892
H4 halogen globe 12V 60/55W
NZ$‎21.23 + GST / Each
Code: 48881
H1 Halogen bulb, 12V, 55W
NZ$‎14.18 + GST / Each
Code: 4500
Daihatsu Delta tail light 85-98
NZ$‎105.07 + GST / Each
Code: DH30-1
Hino FD FG GH door light amber 03-12
NZ$‎88.28 + GST / Each
Code: HI40-4
Hino Ranger universal door light 04-11
NZ$‎73.56 + GST / Each
Code: HI40-2
Hino all trucks tail light lense red 78-99
NZ$‎40.26 + GST / Each
Code: HI30-1-00R
Hino all trucks tail light lense amber 78-99
NZ$‎40.26 + GST / Each
Code: HI30-1-00A
Hino Dutro FD FG head light 03>
NZ$‎852.68 + GST / Each
Code: HI10-4
Isuzu all trucks tail light lense red 80>
NZ$‎51.15 + GST / Each
Code: IZ30-3-00R
Isuzu all trucks tail light lense amber 80>
NZ$‎51.15 + GST / Each
Code: IZ30-3-00A
Isuzu Elf tail light lense 84-04
NZ$‎63.01 + GST / Each
Code: IZ30-2-00
Mitsubishi Fighter Fuso tail light red lense 87-96
NZ$‎40.26 + GST / Each
Code: MB30-3-00R
Mitsubishi Fighter Fuso tail light amber lense 87-96
NZ$‎40.26 + GST / Each
Code: MB30-3-00A
Mitsubishi Canter Fuso tail light lense 84-93
NZ$‎63.01 + GST / Each
Code: MB30-2-00
Mitsubishi Canter tail light lense 94-04
NZ$‎63.01 + GST / Each
Code: MB30-1-00
Mitsubishi Fuso Buses universal corner light
NZ$‎312.07 + GST / Each
Code: MB20-14
Nissan Navara head light 05-09
NZ$‎545.71 + GST / Each
Code: NS10-107
Mitsubishi Fighter Fuso tail light
NZ$‎136.61 + GST / Each
Code: MB30-3
Mitsubishi Canter tail light 94-04
NZ$‎126.12 + GST / Each
Code: MB30-1