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Fire Extinguishers

Importance of fire extinguishers

Safety kits in vehicles are important whether you are in New Zealand or any other part of the world for one simple reason - accidents do occur in the most unexpected ways. The motor vehicle's mechanical and electrical complexities, together with flammable liquids such as oils and fuel tell you that fire is one of the perils you should be wary of. Irrespective of the safety standards characterizing your automobile, consider it as an extra precaution to always carry a fire extinguisher as part of your vehicle's safety kit at all times. Having one ready at hand can save a situation going from bad to worse - very quickly!...

Fire Extinguisher Types

When an accident occurs, you could be facing any type of fire hazards. To stay on the safe side, your car's firefighting equipment must be suited to deal with every type of fire that erupts, rather than just a certain type of fire. For instance, a dry chemical fire extinguisher is your multipurpose friend whenever fire breaks out in your vehicle. It is filled with a repellent material to quell different types of flames including those caused by flammable liquids, battery failure or even faulty electrical and mechanical components. While you can also go for others such as the water fire extinguisher, keep it in mind that they are classified for use in class A fires only, and may therefore, prove frustrating when facing a fuel based fire or one caused by an electrical fault.

Be very careful not to put yourself or other personnel in danger by fighting a fire, especially if it is not life threatening. It is possible to replace vehicles, but not lives. For example, if your car catches alight, turn off the engine and look after the occupants first before considering fighting the fire. If fuel or flammable substances are involved, immediately get as far away as possible, rather than endangering lives by trying to fight the fire.

Best Fire Extinguisher Size for my Vehicle

The classification of fire extinguishers in terms of size is pretty simple as weight is the primary determinant. Accidents often occur suddenly, which makes it wise to go for portable fire extinguishers that are fast and easy to handle and put out the fire before it leaves you counting big losses. For instance, TransQuip stocks a range of sizes in the ABE option, all of which come in different weights such as 2kg fire extinguisher, 1.5 kg, and even 2.5kg. When making a choice, pick the biggest option that will fit into your vehicle unobtrusively. It is better to have more capacity, than for the extinguisher to run out before the fire is out.

General Tips about Fire Extinguishers

Irrespective of the type of your vehicle, ensure that your fire extinguisher is readily retrievable for use. You should therefore, avoid keeping it in inconvenient places or letting it roll loosely in the vehicle. In fact, the latter may be a dangerous practice. Consider fire safety features such as mounting the fire extinguisher safely using a vehicle bracket. Most importantly, routinely replace or service just like you do with other automobile parts. To ensure your fire extinguisher is always ready to use, set up a schedule to check it's condition including the date it was manufactured, the date it was last tagged and the gauge reading.

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