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Personal Protective Equipment

Dangers of Working in Construction

Working at a construction site is a dangerous endeavor because the rate of accidents in this occupation is high. For example, did you know notifications for serious harm while working in this industry totals 625 annually? Moreover, there are nearly 26,000 other injuries reported in the Construction Industry a year! Some of these cases result from falls, machine malfunctions, collapsing structures, and electrocution. Preventing these injuries is crucial because they lead to severe consequences for the injured party and their family. Specifically, medical bills can result in income sources reducing significantly, and the onset of psychological stress is possible.... Other negative consequences of accidents at work include reduced levels of productivity because of lost time and litigation costs. Averting them is possible if you revise your safety standards on a regular basis. For example, when was the last time you bought Personal Protective Equipment PPE for your employees? Here are some of the things that you should know about PPE.

Types of Personal Safety Equipment

Common types of PPE are head, hands, and skin protection equipment in addition to safety clothing and first aid kits. Headgear includes items for protecting your ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Safety glasses are an excellent example of these products. They protect your eyes from splinters, sparks, and dust. The consequences of failing to put them on might last for the rest of your life. Failing to use personal protective equipment in construction leads to a high level of danger. Avoid these hazards by investing in foot protection, high visibility jackets, welding gloves, and insulated gloves and other items. Purchase them depending on your specific needs at the construction site.

Personal Safety Equipment at TransQuip

TransQuip sells a broad range of personal protective equipment. For example, you can buy a High Visibility Poly Cotton Polo Shirt from us. It will help keep you safe because it is conspicuous given its blend of colours and the patterns on it. In other words, people will easily see you when they are working, helping you avoid accidents while on site. You can also opt for heavy duty leather gloves. They are an excellent choice if you are handling rough objects. Have you tried cotton overalls, industry cargo pants, or overtrousers with a bib? Protect yourself and your colleagues as you do your job with the necessary protective clothing and equipment. Try it today. Examine the products that TransQuip offers you.

Contact Us

Talk to TransQuip for the best personal protection equipment. We can share a lot of information with you including personal protective equipment policies in NZ so that you know what the law requires of you at your construction site. We want to help you keep safe when working. Contact TransQuip today so that we can be of service to you and your construction workers.

53 Items

TransQuip & Guardian 30th Birthday Beanie
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Ute safety essentials kit
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Wall mount for sanitizer
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Sentinel Emergency Grab Kit 1 Person
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Code: 9623
First aid kit commercial multipurpose 60 piece soft pack
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First aid kit for glove box
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1st aid kit hardpack 1000
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1st aid kit OSH compliant kit A
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Code: 9605
1st aid kit auto deluxe kit
NZ$‎116.17 + GST / Each
Code: 9603
Tripod kit
NZ$‎4,768.13 + GST / Each
Code: 9529
5n1 jacket/vest combo Orange TTMC
NZ$‎248.69 + GST / Each
Code: 9473
Hi-Vis Polo with long tail & sleeves
NZ$‎76.15 + GST / Each
Code: 9472
Safety vest complies with AS/NZS 4602 zip
NZ$‎21.76 + GST / Each
Code: 9467Z
Thermal Hi-Vis Vest meeting AS/NZS 4602, 1999
NZ$‎165.39 + GST / Each
Code: 9453
Safety boots, lace up highleg, brown
NZ$‎284.36 + GST / Each
Code: 9408
Wolf boots, low leg lace up
NZ$‎211.80 + GST / Each
Code: 9407
Helmet with chin strap
NZ$‎118.50 + GST / Each
Code: 9391
4ply face mask, pack of 50
NZ$‎45.85 + GST / Each
Code: 9380
Dustmask - P2 respirator with valve, box 12
NZ$‎38.96 + GST / Each
Code: 9372
Dustmask, box of 50
NZ$‎30.37 + GST / Each
Code: 9370