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Wheel Nut Indicators

Wheel nuts are necessary for a commercial vehicle to help prevent the wheels from coming off the vehicle when it is in motion. It can be hard to tell when your trailer or truck tyre nuts are loose and starting to come off, which is why wheel nut indicators are essential in a heavy-duty vehicle. A loose wheel nut could put you and other road users at risk....

Imagine speeding on a highway, and all of a sudden, one of your tires come off and roll away due to loose wheel nuts. There is no telling what could be the fate of the driver, other nearby motorists and pedestrians should this happen. All this can be avoided with simple wheel nut indicators from TransQuip.

When truck wheel nut indicators are fitted, the 'arrow' is pointed in a specific way, so that if a wheel nut should start to work loose, the point moves away from this position. An operator can do a visual check regularly and see if any wheel nuts have moved or if the wheel is overheating, and rectify a problem before it becomes dangerous. As you could imagine, if a wheel does come off, it is extremely dangerous - not only for the vehicle but also to anyone in its path.

The TransQuip Hexchex wheel nut indicators have the following benefits:
  • You only need to stock four different sizes to cover all wheel nut sizes between 19mm and 50mm
  • A perfect fit every time - regardless of the shape of the nut or the condition
  • Our options include the wheel nut indicators 27mm, and the 19mm wheel nut indicators
  • HexChex are made of a tough polymer which has a high-temperature tolerance and designed to perform over 150 C. Here's the cool part - if the hub overheats, they will start melting, alerting you to an issue. The material is non-stick, meaning it is easy to remove if it melts
  • Available in 4 colours; yellow, red, green and orange
  • Very easy to apply - you simply tighten the HexChex around the wheel nut
  • Can be taken off and reused

Check us out at TransQuip for your wheel nut indicators in NZ. We also stock other safety equipment for heavy-duty vehicles, so you may want to browse through our collection to see what else is on offer.

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