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Tool Boxes - Vehicle Mounted

Keeping Your Work Tools Safe

If you're heading to a construction site with the necessary tools on your seat, you have a potentially dangerous hazard within your vehicle. By installing vehicle toolboxes, you are guaranteed that your tools will be protected, and you have greatly increased your personal safety when driving....

Ever encountered situations where you had a truck problem, knew how to fix it, but couldn't since you were away from home? Such inconvenience is commonplace when you don't have the right tools. In fact, you end up breaking the bank while fixing it at a nearby workshop. Tools are expensive, demanding extra care from damages or unexpected loss. By installing ute storage boxes, you can have your tools handy when you need them.

Improve Your In-Site Productivity with Ute Tool Boxes

With ute tool boxes, you are guaranteed of versatility and organization critical for your workday. Ute toolboxes are particularly important for anyone in the mechanical service industry. They provide secure storage while allowing large items to be carried on the deck if needed.

The tools crafted from aluminium are lightweight but provide optimum durability. At TransQuip, there are different sizes of toolboxes that can have the interior customized to fit the needs of your accessories, including lighting, slam lock drawer, and shelving.

Why Choose TransQuip Toolboxes

TransQuip's range of vehicle-mounted toolboxes are designed for the growing need for reliable, secure, and tough vehicles toolboxes in New Zealand. Their designs specifically consider the demand for truck tool boxes that lasts the distance once fitted to a vehicle, by capitalizing on the capacity to withstand constant vibration and rough treatment.

TransQuip's wide range of tool boxes protects equipment even in the harsh conditions that transport operators and tradies work in daily. They also have a wide range of options to choose from. For instance, other than the steel or aluminium ones, there are plastic toolboxes you can consider. Protection is vital when handling your tools, and TransQuip has a collection of toolbox latches and accessories to suit your needs.

Contact Us

Whenever in need of truck tool boxes for the safety of your equipment, get in touch with TransQuip today or browse the range of different products available. With the variety of shapes and sizes available, you can settle on a design that best suits your needs.

If you need customization options for any of the products available, feel free to talk to us about your options, and the ever-willing experts at TransQuip will gladly help you with your needs.

89 Items

Steel shelf for TA1200/TS1200 when TSD05 fitted ,250D x 600W
NZ$‎67.05 + GST / Each
Code: TSS600
10% Off10% Off
TransQuip steel 5-drawer for top hinge Ute toolboxes, 440Dx600Wx650H
NZ$‎1,109.40 + GST / Each
Code: TSD05
10% Off10% Off
TransQuip top hinge, aluminium Ute toolbox, 650D x 1400W x 850H
NZ$‎2,529.41 + GST / Each
Code: TA1400
10% Off10% Off
End entry toolbox 600D x 420H x 300W
NZ$‎466.81 + GST / Each
Code: TP001
38L Water storage container w/soap dispenser
NZ$‎376.99 + GST / Each
Code: TP061
Right under deck smart toolbox //
NZ$‎467.98 + GST / Each
Code: TP004R
20 litre container complete with tap
NZ$‎40.01 + GST / Each
Code: 3093
Site Safety Box Kit
NZ$‎499.99 + GST / undefined
Code: TP014K
Site Safety Box 650 x 420 x 220mm
NZ$‎405.08 + GST / Each
Code: TP014
Black steel toolbox 500W x 500D x 500H
NZ$‎571.04 + GST / Each
Code: TS050B
Stainless steel toolbox 1200W x 500H x 500D
NZ$‎1,936.00 + GST / Each
Code: TS015
Stainless steel toolbox 800W x 500H x 500D
NZ$‎1,194.55 + GST / Each
Code: TS013