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Alloy & Steel Tool Boxes

Keeping Work Tools Safe

Missing essential tools of work just when you need them is a dispiriting moment no one wants to encounter. It can easily send you into a frenzy, rummaging through and scattering everything in frustration. You can, however, save yourself the pain by getting secure storage, and guarantee yourself swift retrieval of your tools. And, what’s better than getting started with aluminium tool boxes NZ specially designed to safeguard your items....
Staying organized is imperative as it will not just make it easier for you to check whether something is missing. It will also save you untold time hunting for tools if you instantly know where they are stored, so you can locate them right when you need them....

Types of Toolboxes

Different materials of toolboxes exist from steel to aluminium and plastic (or polyethylene). The good thing about steel is that it’s tougher than aluminium, and this means it can bear more weight. What’s more, it is more resistant to damages and dents common when retrieving, arranging, shifting, and storing. If aluminium is not your choice, go for steel for a cheaper storage solution. In fact, those at TransQuip are tougher than lightweight aluminium, with an anti-theft security feature that prevents lid removal. However, if weight is an issue, then you may need an aluminium or plastic option.
Truck bed toolboxes are a great option for anyone looking to have organized storage space for their gear. All you need is to consider a mounting style that best suits your vehicle. For instance, chest tool boxes are placed behind the cab of the truck bed floor, allowing them to fit under a standard cover if there is one, while crossover boxes are installed behind the cab and spans across the entire width on the bedside without extending down to the floor. Or gullwing toolboxes are designed for the back of your flat deck. At TransQuip, you also have a wide range of options, ranging from the under deck toolboxes, site toolboxes, underbody ute toolboxes and landscaper toolboxes among others.

Toolboxes Available at TransQuip

You will find the best collection of steel, plastic and alloy toolboxes NZ at TransQuip. If you are concerned about the security of your tools, check out the value you stand to get from the van vault toolbox. As if that is not enough, TransQuip delivers more by giving you a wide range of options so you get exactly what you need to suit your carrying capacity. They include secure drawer systems and are perfect for protecting and storing power tools and valuables. Anti-theft Van vault toolboxes are extra secure, thanks to this and the anti-drill/anti-pick lock.

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49 Items

Steel shelf for TA1400 when TSD05 Fitted 250D x 800W
NZ$‎80.47 + GST / Each
Code: TSS800
10% Off10% Off
Steel shelf for TSDL700 , 1300mmD x 700W
NZ$‎179.60 + GST / Each
Code: TSS700
10% Off10% Off
Steel shelf for TA1200/TS1200 when TSD05 fitted ,250D x 600W
NZ$‎67.05 + GST / Each
Code: TSS600
10% Off10% Off
Steel shelf for TA1400, 250D x 1400W
NZ$‎107.31 + GST / Each
Code: TSS1400
10% Off10% Off
Steel shelf for TA1200/TS1200/TSDL1200, 1200W
NZ$‎82.61 to NZ$‎91.78/ Each
Code: TSS1200
Steel full extension slide for TSD05 drawers
NZ$‎29.54 + GST / Each
Code: TSDS
TransQuip Dual top hinge, Steel Ute toolbox, 1695D x 700W x 800H
NZ$‎2,887.48 + GST / Each
Code: TSDL700
10% Off10% Off
Totem Steel Truck Toolbox, Dual Full Height Side Doors, 1800x1250x900mm
NZ$‎3,780.56 + GST / Each
Code: TSDL1800
10% Off10% Off
TransQuip dual top hinge, steel Ute toolbox, 1695D x 1200W x 800H
NZ$‎3,780.56 + GST / Each
Code: TSDL1200
10% Off10% Off
Replacement latch for TSD05 drawers
NZ$‎29.54 + GST / Each
TransQuip steel 5-drawer for top hinge Ute toolboxes, 440Dx600Wx650H
NZ$‎1,109.40 + GST / Each
Code: TSD05
10% Off10% Off