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Specialist diesel fuel tanks - safety plus savings!

The days of having a half-a-dozen, different-sized fuel containers rattling around on the back of the ute are now behind us. But that doesn't mean compromising on the convenience of being able to re-fuel in the field or on site, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

TransQuip's high-performance, weather resistant polyethylene ute diesel tanks, available in 200L and 400L, are designed to save time, hassles and fuel. They're more environmentally friendly too!

If you have questions about diesel tanks, you're in the right place. The video below was made to answer all the most common FAQ's that we get about diesel tanks.

For busy people with multiple projects, or on remote sites, these tanks are a no-brainer. Simply fill 'em up and you're ready to go. Trips back and forth to refill are dramatically reduced and there are no spills, containers tipping, or fuel sloshing around.

Practical and durable, these diesel tanks are used around New Zealand by contracting and drainage business, and in agriculture, forestry and transport.

Safety first

Fuel tank safety is critical because it is, after all, a storage compartment that holds a highly flammable liquid. Because pressure can build up inside the tank, any flaw in design could lead to disaster. That means selecting a tank you can 100% rely on, and have absolute confidence in, is vital.

Meeting standards

Knowing the regulations you need to meet is the first step in ensuring that you get the right tank. Don't be tempted to try to cut corners as fuel tank issues can result in expense, damage, danger, legal problems, and reputational damage. For example, a fuel leak could result in a fire damaging property or equipment - or polluting surrounding drains, farmlands or waterways, leading to legal suits against you or your company.

For your peace of mind, TransQuip's diesel tanks' ultra UV stabilised material meets New Zealand standards ASNZ4766. (Diesel grade polyethylene that meets International Regulation ECE R34.01 requirements.)

Metal or poly?

TransQuip stocks both a high grade aluminium option with lifting eyes for relocation on site, and polyethylene designs. If you're unsure which option best suits your needs browse the different diesel tank options here. Or ask one of the TransQuip team, they're always happy to help.

200L or 400L - which size should I choose?

At TransQuip, in the polyethylene range, we stock the very popular 200L fuel tanks (1080mm long x 600mm wide x 550mm high) and the larger 400L tanks. At 1200mm long x 800mm wide x 810mm high, the 400L won't fit under a ute lid but it's great for flat decks and trailers.

Which size you get is really down to the size of your ute, and the volume of your day-to-day diesel needs. It doesn't make sense to have fuel sitting around that you're not going to be using. On the other hand, a larger capacity means fewer trips to fill up. And you can take advantage of lower prices - when you can find them!

TransQuip has a full range of fuel tanks and containers, accessories and Hazchem signs.

How do I mount a diesel tank to my ute or trailer?

Mounting your tank is quick and easy using tie-downs. The tanks have secure, formed, tie-down points as part of their design. Just make sure that your tie downs are sufficiently strong to hold the tanks in place - taking into account they are going to be heavy when full. TransQuip have a range of suitable tie-downs and we can advise you on what your best options are.

Anti-slosh design

We often get asked whether our diesel tanks have baffles. Yes, they have baffles through the centre to stop fuel sloshing around when you're taking off, slowing down, braking or cornering.

Easy does it

Carry handles make it easy to lift the tanks on and off your ute or trailer when empty.

Lock-up, all weather construction

The durable polyethylene construction and a sloping lid the rain will roll right off which means you can leave these diesel tanks out in all weathers, with no worries. They're fully sealed and won't leak so, even if the lid is left open the fuel still isn't compromised.

And, because the tank lid is lockable you can leave it on the back of a ute at night and your fuel will still be there in the morning. It's as simple as putting a padlock on! The lockable nozzle mount will deter theft.

Powering up and getting fuel pumping

Tanks come with a 12 volt pump and alligator clips. Or you can get a 24 volt pump if you want to put it on your 24 volt truck. The tanks' pumps deliver at 40 L/min.

A 4 metre, kink-resistant delivery hose will reach easily from the tank to most machinery and equipment.

An automatic shut-off nozzle prevents accidental over-flowing or over-filling and means you can leave it unattended if you need to. It'll shut off automatically by itself.

No leaking worries

Some people tell us that they've had bad experiences with other kinds of tanks leaking. They've lost valuable fuel and there's been a nuisance to clean up too. Here's what to look out for. The most important thing about the design and construction of a good tank like these ones is having the absolute minimum of place where a leak could occur. With the TransQuip tanks there's just one, very well-sealed opening positioned right at the top of the tank to minimise any risk of leaking.

Keeping your fleet serviced too

While you're thinking about tanks, maybe it's time to consider how much wear and tear, time, money and frustration you could save keeping your fleet well-serviced too! TransQuip supplies a range of, filters, flow meters, hoses, nozzles, greasing equipment and more. All are selected to help you minimise the time spent servicing your gear and to keep everything ticking over nicely.

Talk to us about your needs today, the knowledgeable TransQuip team are always happy to help.