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Getting truck mirror replacement right

Humble (or not so humble) commercial vehicle mirrors are a safety must-have for the protection of lives, property, and good reputations. And that's in addition to helping drivers do their job better and more efficiently.

Mirrors are robust. But every now and then there's a tree, sign, fence or wall that gets in the way. And, when a mirror gets damaged or broken it's vital to get it replaced and fast!

But there's a bit more to it than that.

In the video, TransQuip founder Brian Townshend answers the mirror replacement questions the TransQuip team get asked most often. And shares some of his experience.

What kind of mountings are there?

The most common mount is a pole mount mirror. (Sometimes called an arm mount.) As the name suggests, the mirror is mounted by slipping it onto a pole, arm, or tube on the vehicle.

The other type of mirror mounting is a ball mount. With these, the ball either fits into the back of the mirror or into the mirror's base.

What do I need to know to order the right mirror?

Commercial mirrors and glass have come a long way in recent years and many different mirrors are out there. To ensure you get the one that you want you'll need to have:
  1. Vehicle make
  2. Vehicle model
  3. Vehicle year
  4. Rego number
  5. Mirror head size - the length and width of the mirror. If it's a round mirror, the size is measured across the diameter of the mirror's circle.
Because there are so many variations and options - sometimes it's best to also send a photo to help identify the correct mirror.

Is convex or flat glass the best option?

This often comes down to personal preference, what the driver is used to, and the safety needs and set-up of the vehicle.

A couple of main points of difference.

An ordinary flat glass mirror shows a true picture in a straight line of sight.

Convex glass gives the driver a wider angle of view - like a fish eye. The reflection may be slightly distorted in the convex mirror. (That can take a bit of getting used to.)

Flat mirrors - the pros and the cons


Flat mirrors are the classic type that reflects the actual symmetry of the image. (No tricks.) With these, making an informed safety decision is quick and easy because calculating the distance between your vehicle and other objects is straightforward.


On the downside, flat mirrors reflect less image than convex mirrors. This creates a scenario where you are more likely to have a blind spot. That can be a big problem when it comes to larger trucks and machinery.

Convex mirrors - the pros and the cons


Convex mirrors have a curved glass surface that delivers a wider visual angle. They are ideal for larger vehicles as they reflect a wider angle to give you a broader view of what is happening around the vehicle. If you are looking for bigger trucks or machinery mirrors, these are more common.


The downside with convex mirrors is, as we've said, that they give a slightly distorted picture. Things appear closer than they are in reality. However, most drivers are well aware of this and can use such mirrors even when driving in tight spots.

Tip: Some mirrors have both flat and convex options available in the same mirror head, to give you the best of both options.

Another view

An additional tool to support drivers' awareness of hazards, and ability to make decisions are truck rear-view cameras. Like to know more - watch or read our video and blog to answer common reversing camera FAQ's Here or view our range Here?

Can I just replace the glass?

Most mirrors nowadays come as a complete item. That means, unfortunately, in most cases, the glass by itself is not able to be replaced. However, it is an option with a few, select mirrors (including some of the most popular universal mirrors). Check with the TransQuip team on your particular needs, they'll be happy to advise you.

What's a "spotter" mirror?

"Spotter" mirrors are convex mirrors with extra curved glass - often much smaller than normal mirrors. They give the driver a very wide-angle view. Typically, these are mounted to allow the driver a view of somewhere that would otherwise be a blind spot and which standard side mirrors don't cover.

What if my mirror is electrically adjustable or heated?

If your mirror has an electrical adjuster or heated glass - just advise us when ordering your replacement mirror.

If you don't already have heated truck mirrors, maybe it's something worth thinking about.

We all know how difficult and dangerous it is to navigate with limited visibility. With mirror heaters, you spare yourself the frustrations of having your mirrors barely usable because of fog, frost, or condensation.

How do heated truck mirrors work?

Truck mirror heaters have little electric elements that quickly heat the glass in a matter of seconds so you can have good mirror visibility with minimal delay.

Tip: There are universal heaters available that you can put behind the mirror glass and this will solve issues with frost or condensation on the mirror.

Are there shatterproof mirrors?

Yes! These are made from ABS plastic and are ideal to use in situations where your mirrors keep getting knocked off eg trucks that have to drive down narrow driveways.
Another application is on Harvesters used for reaping food products. Broken glass from a broken mirror dropping into a load of grain, grapes or any edible product can cost the harvester stakeholders a lot of profit by having to tip the contaminated load out!

The shatterproof mirror range includes 3 common-size mirrors - check them out here.

TransQuip's truck mirrors and accessories are quick and easy to order online Here.
Or just give one of our helpful team a call to discuss your needs.