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Check out this video to find out answers to the most commonly asked questions about Oversize Gear

Supersized signage range for oversize vehicles, loads

Oversize load and pilot vehicle signage are integral to helping make New Zealand roads safer for everyone. At TransQuip, we have the most comprehensive range of hazard panels, wide load and pilot vehicle signs, lights, LED wands and other accessories. These are used the length and breadth of the country in agriculture, by contractors and specialist haulage companies, and anyone needing to transport heavy equipment that comes under NZTA oversize load regulations.

Before you begin

Understandably, given the significant risks, this is an area that is very tightly regulated. For all details of regulations governing overdimension (oversize) vehicles and oversize loads visit the Waka Kotahi NZTA website https://nzta.govt.nz and type Fact Sheet 53a into Search.

All signage and accessories must be deployed in strict compliance with the NZTA's requirements at all times. Failing to do so can (and does) result in substantial fines.

Signs and hazard panels must not be used unless they are required to be. For this reason, consider if signs you use may need to be easily attached and detached if different size loads are transported.

Check, check and doublecheck

Although hazard panels and oversize vehicle and pilot vehicle signs are designed to be tough, they should be checked regularly for any damage and to ensure they are still securely affixed (if permanent). For agricultural equipment, particularly, this should be part of vehicle inspections at the start of each new season.

Hazard panels - How to find the right one for the job

Sentinel hazard panels are available in single-sided, double-sided and adhesive - to suit every vehicle and task. The yellow-green panels have a diagonal orange stripe - signifying an oversize vehicle and/or oversized load. All Sentinel aluminium hazard panels are suitable for day and night use and comply with AS/NZ 1906.1: 2007.

Most popular

The most commonly used hazard panels are 400 x 300mm, single sided panels. These come in left hand and right-hand panels and are displayed two at the front of the vehicle, and two at the rear.

The aluminium backing of the retroreflective sign means that if it gets hit by the odd tree branch it can easily be bent back into shape.

400 x 300mm double sided panels are also available. These are typically used where an oversize load is very short - for example, a seed drill, or if there is no easy place to mount the signs on the front or rear extremities

Budget conscious

Aluminium composite single-sided and double-sided hazard panels come in the same sizes as alloy panels but have two thin layers of aluminium with plastic between.

These cost less, making them popular in situations where panels are damaged frequently (e.g. agriculture). Their downside is, that if they are hit by something, they are more difficult to bend back into shape, so likely need replacing.

When space is tight

Also available are 600 x 200mm hazard panels with a 200mm diagonal stripe. Select from single or double-sided aluminium alloy or adhesive. Used on the backs of fertiliser or shingle spreaders, they are great where displaying a standard 400 x 300mm would be impractical.

Mounting made easy

Aluminium hazard panels can be mounted permanently (rivetted or bolted) or mounted on a bracket so they can be taken on and off as required. There is also a telescopic mounting kit ready to fit your vehicle - find out more about how it works Here.

Sticking to the curves

Adhesive hazard panels are another option. These are long-lasting, quick and easy to apply to compliant vehicles, and are ideal for curved surfaces - e.g. mudguards.

Oversize vehicle signs

With "Oversize" in black lettering on a yellow-green background with a black border, these warn road users to take particular care.

The most widely-used oversize vehicle signs are 1100 x 300mm. Manufactured in solid aluminium, they are strong, lightweight, long-lived and won't rust - important in New Zealand's often harsh climate. If the signs are accidentally damaged, they can be easily bent back into shape.
The signs can be mounted by drilling holes in each end and securing them with anti-luce fasteners. This means, the sign can be put on and taken off, as required. (Some people reverse them when not in use - so only the aluminium back is visible, or you can display your company name here.)

A bit less common are half panels designed to be used together. (One with "Over" and the other with "Size"). Like the larger panels, they are made from aluminium and can be drilled through and mounted using anti-luce fasteners. They are often used on raised ramps at the rear of the vehicle.

Both these full panel and half panel options are suitable for daytime and night time use.

For daytime use only, there's the Oversize sign printed on the flexible material. Popular because of their flexibility, they're sometimes displayed on the grille or bull bars of a truck. Always ensure that they are securely tied on and that the Oversize message is legible. When not in use, they can be rolled up and put away behind the truck's seats or in the glovebox.

Advance warning

Wide Load Follows signs are one of the most readily recognised warning signs on our roads.

In black type with a black border on a retroreflective green-yellow background Wide Load Follows signs are usually mounted on the roof of an official pilot vehicle. (The Pilot Vehicle sign is often on the reverse; in white type on black.)

Single sided Pilot Vehicle signs are also available.

Wide Load Follows signs can be customised or you can get words to cover the original sign to say; Long Load Ahead, Long Load Follows, or Wide Load Ahead etc - depending on Waka Kotahi LTSA requirements.

Holding tight

The Wide Load Follows sign holder is a very useful piece of kit for Pilot Vehicles that only need to display the signage when piloting. Designed for atop the pilot vehicle's cab, simple "R" clips (retaining pins) support a strong but lightweight fold-up frame, with the sign mounted securely into the front of the holder. Rubber packs stop vibration when the sign is not in use - which could otherwise be noisy and annoy or distract the driver. Typically, the holder would sit on the vehicle roof rack, with the flashing beacon sitting just below and in front of it. When not in use, the holder folds flat.

Plus everything else you need!

TransQuip has an extensive range of accessories for pilot vehicles and overdimension loads. These include amber and magenta flashing lights and beacons, and bar lights in a range of compliant configurations. Also, a range of grille lights.

Our specially designed pilot vehicle Stop/Slow wands have short handles so they can easily be used out the vehicle window to warn other traffic, without creating a hazard in the cab.

Red, (or red and green), light wands with a torchlight on the end and a magnet on the base (to keep it from getting lost) are ideally sized to be operated out of a pilot vehicle window and for storage in a glove box. They also feature a handy little belt clip and a wrist loop.

All at your fingertips

TransQuip's Sentinel products are quick and easy to order online or just give one of our helpful team a call to discuss your needs.

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