Top Hinge Ute Tool Boxes - Answer Your Questions in This Video

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Top Hinge Ute Toolboxes Do the Job, Better!

TransQuip's vehicle-mounted top hinge Ute toolboxes are not just mighty practical, secure places to keep the tools of your trade, they also look the part and add value to your ute or work vehicle.

Used by mechanics, farm workers, forestry, the construction, infrastructure, and transport industries they're as hardworking as they are versatile.

Mark from the TransQuip team has put together some important hints and tips on what to look for when choosing a toolbox for your ute and the answers to the questions he gets asked most often.

Aluminium Versus Steel Toolboxes

TransQuip have both aluminium and steel toolboxes available. They each have their strengths and have people who own them and swear by by each different sort as stated below. Two sizes of each are available. Click here to see our range.

The aluminium (alloy) toolbox is a lighter option that keeps the weight on your vehicle down. For example, the 650D X 1200W X 850H TA1200 model is just 32kg. And, of course, alloy won't rust.

Steel costs a bit less, weighs a bit more, and it'll take more hard knocks. (To give you an idea, the 650D X 1200W X 850H TS1200 model weighs 70kg.)

So, that's a nearly 40kg difference in weight between alloy and steel for the same size.

What do I look for when choosing a top hinge Ute toolbox?

The first thing you want to look out for is the rubber seal on the inside. On these TransQuip ute toolboxes, the rubber seal is a quality pinch weld seal. That gives lasting, long-term protection from weather and dust. So your tools stay dry and clean.

Some other tool boxes have a glued-on seal which will come loose over time and eventually peel off - compromising the weatherproof protection the toolbox should provide. (Not what you want!)

Struts - Important Support

Quality struts are connected to the full-width cross beam on the door, stopping warping and twisting. This ensures the toolbox keeps its shape and closes securely time after time, year after year.

Hinges, Handles and Keys

The robust piano hinges maintain an even load distribution. This ensures durability and performance and keeps the lid properly aligned. That's opposed to the barrel-type hinges which don't give anything like the same support or stability as all the weight falls on just two vulnerable points.

Two T-paddle toolbox handle locks help keep gear secure and safe from theft and "borrowing".

Made of 304 stainless steel these handles were chosen for their suitability for use in heavy-duty applications. They have two keys.

If you have two toolboxes on the same truck, it's a really good idea to get them keyed alike (which TransQuip can do). It saves you a lot of time and frustration mucking around finding the right key for the right toolbox.

It's What's Inside That Counts

The interior of these toolboxes is designed to leave ample space for shelves and/or drawers.

Getting exactly the right configuration is down to the individual and their tools. These Ute toolboxes are used to accommodate everything from fuel containers to chainsaws, wrenches, hardhats, voltage testers and you name it.

TransQuip has shelves in varying dimensions, along with drawers specifically designed to suit the toolboxes.

You May Need Spares. Think About It Now!

Always check when you're buying your toolbox that replacement parts are available because you never know what's around the corner. So, ask about replacement handles, struts, and even whole doors.

What's The Story With Prices?

The quality of the components dictates the price. We'd never sell you rubbish. You don't have cheap tools. Don't get a cheap toolbox! Always check the powder coating finish too if you're comparing toolboxes. You don't want any bubbles or other little details that indicate it will deteriorate over time. The TransQuip toolboxes have a flawless finish.

High-quality metal is key to longevity and durability. And spare a thought for the person who made the toolbox. You want to be paid fairly. They should be too. TransQuip's ute toolboxes are made in a factory where staff are treated fairly.

And, these TransQuip toolboxes come with 12 month guarantees.

Stay Safe, Tidy, and Organised

Most people out there on the tools are particular about how they go about their work. That means keeping things tidy, organised, and exactly where they should be. Ute toolboxes make that easy.

There's also a safety aspect to them. It is much better that gear (especially heavy items) is safely stored rather than being thrown in the footwell of a truck or up behind the back of the seat. If you brake suddenly or have to take evasive action, having a projectile in the cab is the last thing you need.

Stop Thief!

As we've mentioned, you want your tools to be secure. Tool thefts are costly and frustrating. On top of that, you lose time, jobs can be held up, and there's paperwork to do!

Theft can also put tools in the hands of people who could use them for unlawful purposes including breaking into vehicles or damaging equipment, machinery, and property.

A robust, locked, vehicle-mounted toolbox is a significant deterrent to would-be thieves. It puts your mind at rest. And it could pay for itself many times over.

Toolbox Tip: In case the worst ever happens, and a vehicle is stolen with tools in it - it's a good idea to have a catalogue of items for insurance claim purposes. If you haven't already, take some photos on your mobile phone. It's quick and easy, and well worth the effort. (Remember to keep it updated.)

Available In a Range Of Shapes and Sizes

Work vehicles and tools come in a wide variety of sizes. That's why TransQuip has a huge range of toolboxes available. From plastic ute toolboxes that fit under the deck (learn more about plastic toolboxes in this video), to metal chest toolboxes for heavy trucks, they're used to store everything from socket sets to chainsaws to shovels.

TransQuip's hinge ute toolboxes are quick and easy to order online. Or just give one of our helpful team a call to discuss your needs.