Trench Soldier Sets

At TransQuip, we have a variety of construction and safety equipment on offer, so when it comes to finding the best bracing systems, trench soldier sets and other gear to protect your workers in NZ, you can always trust us to deliver. We stock all types of shoring equipment to meet your construction needs. These include trench shields and boxes to prevent the collapse of your trench walls and protect your personnel....

All our equipment for shoring is designed to meet the operational standards in New Zealand. Our trench soldier sets can be used to support steel plating or rated plywood sheets to protect workers in a trench.

A trench soldier set is an essential tool in the contracting industry. They are designed to provide support to the walls of a trench and also to work around services like electricity, water or drainage when working in a trench.

Our trench soldier sets are lightweight and easy for one man to handle on his own. We have manual and hydraulic soldiers available, which are ideal for working around services when the standard systems just don't work.

The hydraulic sets are ideal for when positive ground pressure is needed. When you pump the soldier panels out, it shores up the trench walls and provides a more secure working environment. They are designed and built with safety features added, such as a locking ring.

Our manual soldiers have multiple strut points, giving you different under-strut height. There are also different strut sizes available from 0.52m to 1.72m, depending on which system is used. Our trench soldier sets are great for drainlayers, plumbers, and people who usually work on their own, but need a trench protection system they can trust. These soldiers can be used with steel road plates or rated plywood sheets, to prevent dirt crumbling into the trench, or in between soldiers.

A minimum of 2 trench soldier sets is recommended for use in trenches, and our units are designed to replace the old fashioned way of using timber shoring. The standard soldier depth is 2.4m, but we can procure a depth of up to 3.0m on request. The jacks are short soldiers and are only available in the hydraulic version. They are specifically ideal for working around services, especially in spaghetti junctions, where there is a lot of services crisscrossing to keep things in order.

Contact us today at TransQuip if you require a quality trench soldier set to prevent the collapse of your trench constructions. Our trench soldier sets are built to New Zealand standards and we are confident that they will greatly assist you in your future trenching jobs.

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