How long have you worked at TransQuip?
Since April 2017

What do you like about the culture and working at TransQuip?
There is a high level of engagement and work ethic within the team here at TransQuip and I have been fortunate to have their total support as I become more familiar with my role. There is also a great depth of experience and knowledge around the industries and customers we service and support. I’m impressed with the vast range of products that we have on offer with many of them specialist products unique to TransQuip.

What are your career aspirations and goals?
I’m stoked to have the opportunity to play a key role in supporting the development and growth of TransQuip here in Auckland and the northern region. This is a great opportunity and for me, it is about enjoying what I do and being part of a team working together to achieve the same goals.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
I enjoy a round of golf with friends most Saturdays. I’m a very competitive person and there is keen rivalry and associated friendly banter between us when we are out there on the course together. I feel that that competitive nature has also served me well in my career in sales to date and will continue to do so.

I also enjoy spending time with family, fishing and working out at the gym to counter my time as an armchair sports person.

What for you was the best part of your first few weeks at TransQuip?
For me, it has been meeting and getting to know the team internally and also meeting the customers. I have been really impressed with the huge amount of knowledge and passion within the team here at TransQuip and I will be calling upon that regularly as I look to ensure I match up the right product/s with each customer that I meet. On that note, I have had really positive interaction each and every customer and it is clearly evident how good TransQuip’s name and reputation is out there in the market place amongst our existing clients.

What is your favourite quote?
One of my favourite quotes is; ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’.