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This video was made to answer the most common FAQ's that our customers ask about plastic toolboxes. If you want to learn more, then take look or a read below where we enlarge on them further.

Toolboxes you can trust. (That won’t rust!)

We all know how important it is to take care of our tools. A big part of that is protecting them from theft, the harsh New Zealand climate, and workmates taking them without asking first!

Tough, vehicle-mounted, NZ-made, lockable plastic toolboxes from TransQuip are the answer.

Purpose-designed for this country’s challenging environment and even tougher site conditions, they’ll take the knocks from heavy gear and weather the storms – whether that’s rain, hail, snow, or dust.

The rotomoulded toolbox forms are streamlined so they’re a professional-looking addition to any truck or ute. And because they’re rust-proof they’ll still be protecting your tools decades from now.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Work vehicles and tools come in a big variety of sizes. That’s why TransQuip have a huge range of plastic toolboxes available right here in NZ. From plastic ute toolboxes up to toolboxes for heavy trucks, they’re used to store everything from socket sets to chainsaws to shovels.

The range includes plastic toolbox options specifically designed to fit under ute decks – ideal when space is at a premium. They’re even angled to fit around the mud flap.

Toolbox Tip:

If you’ve got the space, always choose a bigger size than you think you currently need. Everyone finds there’s always another tool out there they need to fit in!

Plastic toolbox or metal toolbox?

Choosing the right toolbox comes down to your needs. But there are a couple of things to consider. As we’ve already said, plastic won’t rust – so when you’re working in the rain or having to store things like wet tie-downs that’s definitely worth thinking about. Plastic is also light, and the toolbox design is aerodynamic. With the price of fuel being what it is, they’re things you might want to factor in too!

It sounds obvious, but there are times when some tools (maybe heavy-duty truck wrenches or crow bars) don’t get put back in the toolbox as gently as they could. Perhaps you’re in a hurry, or it’s just begun to pelt down. With a plastic tool box it’s not a problem.

Compared to metals, plastic is also a relatively bad heat conductor so it’s not going to get uncomfortably hot (or cold) to touch. And that’s the same for the tools inside.

Stop thief!

Tool thefts are costly and frustrating. On top of that, time is lost, and jobs can be held up.

Theft can also put tools in the hands of people who could use them for unlawful purposes including breaking into vehicles or damaging equipment, machinery, and property.

A robust, locked plastic toolbox, that’s vehicle-mounted, is a significant deterrent to would-be thieves. It puts your mind at rest. And it’ll pay for itself many times over.

Toolbox Tip:

In case the worst does ever happen, and a vehicle is stolen with tools in it - it’s a good idea to have a catalogue of items for insurance claim purposes. If you haven’t already, take some photos on your mobile phone. It’s quick and easy, and well worth the effort. (Remember to keep it updated.)

Save time - stay tidy and organised

Most people out there on the tools in construction and civil are fairly particular about how they go about their work. That means keeping things tidy, organised and exactly where they should be. Plastic vehicle toolboxes make that easy.

And they’re not just for tools.

Plastic vehicle toolboxes also come in handy for storing more personal stuff including; hard hats, height access gear, work boots and even lunchboxes – which saves cluttering-up cabs.

Keep yourself and workmates safe

We’ve all heard plenty about accidents and the role unsecured objects in vehicles can play. That includes tools. Putting something in a cab, even on the floor on the passenger side, can have major consequences if a vehicle has to stop suddenly, swerve, suffers impact, or rolls. Always stow items safely in the toolbox, even if it’s just for “a short trip”. No-one wants a spanner suddenly to come flying their way when you hit the brakes.

Are all plastic toolboxes the same?

The short answer is, no! The durability of your plastic toolbox directly relates to its quality. Most TransQuip plastic toolboxes are rotary moulded. This provides greater wall thickness, especially at stress points like the corners, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. (It’s the same low pressure, high temperature process used to make kayaks and boats.)

Since this is often a one-time investment, the idea is to opt for the best quality toolbox you can afford. It will be cheaper in the long run.

All TransQuip plastic toolboxes also come with a 12-month warranty.

Can I get toolboxes keyed alike?

Generally, each lock is individual to ensure security. However, all businesses’ needs are different and, when required, toolboxes can be keyed alike. (If, for example, there are multiple toolboxes on one vehicle.) It takes a little bit more time for despatch, but the TransQuip team are happy to organise it for you.

What is the best way to mount a toolbox on a vehicle?

Our customers often get a bracket made to support the whole toolbox. This is especially important when it will be carrying a lot of weight e.g. chainsaws or multiple truck tie-downs. It’s important to get an engineer to look at how best to do this, to avoid damage to the vehicle.

While TransQuip doesn’t install toolboxes, we can recommend someone experienced and suitably qualified, if you need.

Any colour, so long as it’s…

Black is hands-down the most common colour option for ute tool boxes and truck tool boxes. (Which would’ve got a big tick from motor industry pioneer Henry Ford.) But other colours are also available on request to complement the vehicle, or to match the company’s corporate look.

Quality plastic toolboxes at your fingertips

TransQuip plastic vehicle mountable toolboxes are quick and easy to order online Here. Or just give one of our helpful team a call to discuss your needs.