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Plastic Tool Boxes

Why buy a plastic toolbox?

Different materials are used to make toolboxes and plastic is a common option. There are many reasons why people prefer plastic boxes, as opposed to other materials including, lightness and durability. At TransQuip this is a highly valued feature due to the portability, so customers enjoy using these products. Additionally, they are not affected by rust and can take a good knock without denting....

How much storage space do you need?

Size is the first thing to consider when purchasing a toolbox. While the unit size indicates the storage space, it is essential to pay attention to what you intend to store in the box and ensure these will fit in through the toolbox opening. It should be relatively easy to know which size is ideal. It is always wise to get a bigger one if you have space. At TransQuip, there is a huge variety of sizes if you are looking for a plastic toolboxes.

Secure Your Valuable Gear

Often the gear you store in your vehicle toolbox is costly and the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. Minimize the risk of this with a lockable storage box which keeps your valuables out of sight and secure.

Quality over quantity all the time

The durability of your toolbox directly relates to its quality. That's why it is imperative to recognize the ones that TransQuip stocks. For instance, most of our plastic toolboxes are rotary molded which gives them a greater wall thickness that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Since this is often a one-time investment, the idea is to opt for the best quality toolbox affordable to you. It will be cheaper in the long run. Get a toolbox which will last well.

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Looking for a lockable storage box? Shopping for a plastic toolbox is easy if you know what you want. Get in touch with TransQuip today or browse the range of our products to see the different storage solutions available, then you can narrow them down to suit your application.

41 Items

Roof vent
NZ$‎116.55 + GST / Each
Code: 4130
38L Water storage container w/soap dispenser
NZ$‎376.99 + GST / Each
Code: TP061
20L Water storage container w/soap dispenser
NZ$‎316.60 + GST / Each
Code: TP060
Chest type toolbox, 800 x 400 x 400mm
NZ$‎721.41 + GST / Each
Code: TP052
Chest type toolbox, 1600W x 450H x 600D
NZ$‎1,070.06 + GST / Each
Code: TP048
Chest type toolbox, 1200W x 450H x 600D
NZ$‎886.10 + GST / Each
Code: TP047
Chest type toolbox, 1000W x 450H x 600D
NZ$‎745.61 + GST / Each
Code: TP046
Toolbox, Chest shape, 850W x 300H x 315D
NZ$‎320.15 + GST / Each
Code: TP044
Toolbox, Chest shape, 850W x 200H x 315D
NZ$‎311.58 + GST / Each
Code: TP043