Oversize Vehicle Regulation Requirements

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Required Signage for Oversize Vehicles

Getting the rightsignage for your over dimension vehiclesis now essential to fit all the legal requirement of agricultural and commercial work. Here is a brief overview of what is required - click here to download the full factsheet.

Different Overdimension Hazard Panel Options

  • Must be reflective yellow-green with a reflective orange diagonal stripe (see diagrams above).
  • These hazard panels are preferred over flags as the panels are more visible during both day and night.
  • In New Zealand, only the above style hazard panels are allowed. These consist of retro-reflective material coloured yellow-green. There are two regulation sizes: 300mm by 400mm and 600mm by 200mm with either a 200mm or 300mm wide diagonal orange stripe. Red and white hazard panels must not be used. There is a single sided option that has a reflector on one side but not on the other, or a double sided option that has a reflector on both sides.
  • Only use hazard panels when required - do not leave them displayed on the vehicle when the vehicle is not oversized.
  • Comply with AS/NZ 1906.1: 2007 Retro reflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes, Part 1: Retro reflective materials.

Watch the video below to see the different Hazard Panels options that we can use in New Zealand for over dimension loads.

TransQuip manufactures and supplies the following hazard panel options...

  1. 9206 left and right is the most popular. This is 300mm by 400mm, on a strong alloy panel
  2. 9207 is 300mm by 400mm, a double sided Hazard Panel on alloy
  3. 9246 left and right, these are cheaper 300mm by 400mm options mounted on a composite panel, so they are not as tough as the alloy panel
  4. 9247 is double sided option 300mm by 400mm, mounted on the composite panel
  5. 9208 left and right - adhesive option only, so you can apply these yourself to your vehicle or load
  6. 9256 left and right is 600mm by 200mm size, this is mounted on the alloy panel
  7. 9257 is also mounted on alloy, this is 600mm by 200mm double sided and it is interchangeable
  8. 9255 300mm by 400mm adhesive which you can mount yourself on to your overdimension vehicle or load

Hazard Panel Location

It is confusing which is left, and which is right because the left hand on the front is the right hand on the rear, so to save this confusion we have a simple diagram showing the correct hazard panel location and orientation.

Panels show the excess dimensions to other road users and are visible from the front and rear or to the side for front and rear overhang.

These panels must be mounted correctly to meet the rules. Double sided is interchangeable so the left on the front can also be used for the right on the front and likewise for the rear.

If the vehicle is more than 3.1 metres wide, Oversize signs must be displayed at the front and rear.

Heavy Vehicle Safety Flag Requirements and Usage

  • The flags must be fluorescent yellow, 400mm long x 300mm high.
  • Must only be used if the vehicle is over dimension - take the flag off if the vehicle or load is no longer over dimension.
  • Should be fitted in a way that indicates the over-dimension extremes of the vehicle.
  • You may use retro-reflective hazard panels coloured yellow-green with an orange diagonal stripe instead of flags.
  • If you're travelling during the hours of darkness, the flags must be replaced with retro-reflective yellow-green hazard panels with an orange diagonal stripe.

Fluorescent Yellow Overdimensional Flags must be attached to indicate the:

  • Excess width of the vehicle or load at its front and rear.
  • Front of the load (if it has excess front overhang).
  • Rear of the load (if it has excess rear overhang).
  • Rear of the load (if it has excess length).

Oversize Sign:

  • The oversize sign must have black lettering on yellow-green background (see diagram below).
  • It may be in two parts: OVER and SIZE.
  • Must be visible to both the front and the rear.
  • Only use oversize signs when required. Do not leave them displayed on the vehicle when the vehicle does not require them.

TransQuip can help you with the full range of overdimension gear to help you meet the New Zealand requirements.

If you're unsure what you need, a good place to start is on the NZTA website fact sheet 53A. Trust this helps you understand what you need for your overdimension Hazard Panel requirements. If this is not detailed enough click hereto read the full Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule.

  • Have the illustrated dimensions and orientation, shown above.
  • Be frangible (breakable or readily deformable) if any part of the hazard warning panel extends beyond the body of the vehicle or the load, whichever it is attached to.