Modular Boxes & Systems

When it comes to trench and excavation shoring, we understand how frustrating it can be finding the necessary shoring equipment you need for your application. At TransQuip, we have everything you need when it comes to modular boxes and systems. Our systems ensure your trench protection is certified and legal to meet New Zealand and global safety standards....

Our tongue and groove panels are easily aligned, leaving a smooth one-piece looking panel. Our systems are lightweight, this makes it easy for you to handle them, plus they can be transported around the work area. Assembly is quick and straightforward with a smart system, using gravity activated pins. It has fewer parts to lose with no R clips needed to secure the bolts. The wall is only 55mm thick, which helps to provide stability to the excavation and minimizes backfilling and restoration costs. So you get to save expensive extra restoration costs with our shoring system.

The 600mm legs are available to help hold the shield off the ground when needed for pipes or electricity cables to go under. We also provide custom sizes for heavy-duty and higher strength retaining walls or open pits, which are available on request.

Our trench shields meet all New Zealand requirements, as they are designed and built under the strictest conditions. We also follow the code of practice and regulations that apply to excavations, so you can be sure that everything is up to standard when it comes to trench shoring in NZ. You can contact us today at TransQuip and browse through our wide range of safety and construction equipment. We are confident we have just what you are looking for, and will be glad to provide any form of assistance to help your job be most efficient.

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