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What is a D-ring?

The D-ring is a hardware item shaped like the letter D. The hardware acts as a lashing point which swings freely in its mounting, making it easier to hook the lashing onto it. While these devices come with different weights, composition, and load capacities, they are all designed to work the same way....

Why you need a D-ring?

If you often have to secure loads to your truck or trailer, a D-ring is your best pal. They are versatile, meaning you can install it on your vehicle, and anywhere else you have to hook onto lashing points. Just consider your lashing needs and the legal requirements carefully so you choose the most appropriate one with the correct features. Some of the characteristics to consider include:

1. Flexibility

When making a choice, always consider the angle you attach it from. The ring design also affects flexibility. For example, a recessed rotating D-ring allows cargo to go over it with minimal interference in addition to allowing strapping from different angles.

2. Capacity

Working load limits differ, and so it is essential to check the capacity. You are able to increase the overall load capacity by installing more of them. The installation process is vital in maintaining the rings capacity and the distance between rings to regulate weight distribution.This depends on the installation area and the capacity it can sustain.

Ring properties

TransQuip brings you corrosion resistant rings, hence they are durable and ideal for attachment in exposed areas. You also need the build to be sturdy enough for the ring to cope with everyday use. Moreover, you should consider installation by choosing one that is easy to fit in the position that you require it. The rating is most critical when choosing other dimensions such as shape, size and location.

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Choose D-rings for securing anything from bags to hauling boats. Installing a D-ring is easy if you get the right size to match your needs. If you are looking for quality D-rings, get in touch with TransQuip today or browse the range to see what we have. We have a selection of heavy-duty rings, and will help you get the right one for your needs, whether you want a single ring or want to make a bulk order.

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