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Forklift Warning Lights

The conventional lifting and moving of heavy materials within the warehouse by personnel is no longer viable today. The rise of forklifts has made it a thing of the past, and this has tremendously triggered a rise in the level of efficiency, and overall output, thanks to these machines. While forklifts have improved industrial productivity, you have to understand the safety features that make their use in the dimly lit warehouse environment, narrow aisles, and sometimes blind corners possible. Otherwise, serious accidents can be a factor overriding all the benefits you get from the use of forklifts....

Use of Forklift lights

A general safety rule is to have a clear separation between pedestrians and moving forklifts within the facility. It is a challenge you expect to face in your work environment especially when there are areas where the visibility of forklifts becomes seriously compromised. However, forklift safety lights, come in handy as they warn pedestrians of an approaching forklift. Take the initiative by installing the best warning lights in the market and minimize any likelihood of pedestrians coming within the danger zone around a moving forklift.

Types of Forklift lights

Blue forklift safety lights are a common type that has attracted a lot of demand. This LED lighting system projects an intense blue light that makes a bright blue spot or line, warning employees and pedestrians of oncoming traffic. For instance, the Blue Forklift Safety Light, 10-80V supplied by TransQuip casts the blue spot on the ground. Other warning lights come with other light projection capacity for use in other various settings. Often, the variation is based on the size of the voltage, but they all serve the same purpose of improving the overall safety of everyone within their area of operations.

Installation Tips

Purchasing the right forklift warning lights is not sufficient enough to guarantee you the safety you are looking for. Installation of these lights correctly goes a long way in ensuring they work as intended. For instance, if your lights are correctly mounted, they are less sensitive to the vibrations caused by the forklifts, and this boosts their longevity and gives a better light. When expertly positioned or mounted on your mechanical tool, they give pedestrians a clear picture of both the movement and the position of the forklift, increasing overall safety. Moreover, it is also advisable to install both at the front and rear and also sometimes along the sides of the forklift for maximum visibility. These lights have also been used on other vehicles like excavators and also on stationary equipment like shelving in the warehouse to mark out a danger zone.

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Forklift Safety Spot Light,LED,10-80V
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Forklift safety laser light 9-80V
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Forklift Safety Line Light, LED,10-80V,EMC
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Code: 4713