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ATV & Ride On Ramps

Why you Need ATV Loading Ramps in New Zealand

If you own an ATV or a ride-on mower, you will need help getting it onto your Ute, truck or trailer when transporting them. We deliver the best ATV ramps in New Zealand, and you can trust that our loading ramps are both effective and durable. We understand your concerns about finding the right ramp to support the transportation of your all-terrain vehicle in any weather condition or environment....

Our loading ramp features highly durable aluminium material with our mower ramps rated to 400kg, and the ATV ramps rated to 500kg, to support your all-terrain vehicle during the process of loading and off-loading. They are designed specifically for loading and unloading ATVs and ride-on mowers. We are aware that moving a heavy-duty vehicle like an ATV can be dangerous, so we do everything to reduce the chances of an accident.

That's why at TransQuip, our aluminium alloy loading ramps include wide ribbed rungs that help to provide traction and strength when your ATV is loaded and unloaded. There is also a lip on our aluminium ramps to prevent you from slipping off the side when loading and unloading your quad and ride-ons.

Our ramps weigh 7kg, and they run at a length of 2100mm, with an overall width of 295mm, which is enough thickness for most ride-on and ATV tyres. The aluminium sections used in our ramps are specially designed to provide the best traction without compromising the strength to weight ratio. Folding ramps are also available for the ATV's and Mower ramps.

As always, at TransQuip, we ensure quality in all our products, so you can be sure that our aluminium ramps are tested and checked before dispatch. Ride-on ramps are bent slightly to make it easier for high trailers and so that the mower cutting decks have better clearance when it reaches the vehicle.

If quality is what you want and you don't want to end up with a ramp that will fail you or worse lead to an accident, then you can contact us today at TransQuip for the highest quality ATV loading ramps in New Zealand, we will be sure to provide you with a first-class service and product. You can also browse our collection of safety equipment if you have a moment to spare.

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