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Solar Powered Lights

Key Features of a Solar Light

Non-renewable sources of energy are increasingly falling out of favor as solar powered lights gain popularity in industrial use, especially due to the sustainability and environmental friendliness of solar lights. Don't be left behind - join the shift by opting for solar powered lights. All these solar lights have benefits that make them desirable over the conventional lighting options....

Modern solar road studs are so improved with features such as a solar panel, automatic controls, lithium-ion batteries, and sensors as the primary components of the solar marker lights. Technically, a solar panel converts solar power into electrical energy through its specially designed photovoltaic cell. TransQuip has a variety of options for you. The lights are water-resistant, all-weather, and the low glare helps to enhance their longevity.

Benefits of Solar Lighting

If you haven't yet explored solar lights NZ, you are missing out on the myriad of benefits TransQuip's solar lights offer. While most of the energy sources degrade the environment, solar is renewable, making it environmentally-friendly. Besides, it is impossible to exhaust the sun. Where there is adequate sunlight, the solar road lights will constantly provide you with light when you need it.

Solar powered lights are cost-effective. At TransQuip, we have quality solar-powered lights that use long lasting LEDs and will ensure you don't waste money replacing the lights regularly.

Ever been frustrated by the extensive wiring common with traditional light installation? With solar lights, this is a thing of the past. You can simply install these lights in a good position to maximise the sunlight and they are ready to go!

Shortcomings of Solar Powered Lights

Quality solar lights can provide light all year around, if they have sufficient sunlight. However, if they are placed in a shadow or not mounted with the panel not facing the sun, they can go flat. It is also wise to clean the solar panels regularly to remove the grime and dirt which can limit the charging ability. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Be part of the green movement today and get the solar-powered lights.

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Round Solar Powered Road Stud, White
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