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Light Industrial Ramps 750 - 2500kg

Whether you are looking to buy construction or safety equipment in NZ, then you want to make sure you shop from the best.

Our Rapid Ramps are made to New Zealand standards. We make use of unique aluminium extrusion technology to provide maximum strength. Our ramps include sections designed to provide high traction without jeopardizing the strength to weight ratio of the equipment....

At TransQuip, our light industrial ramps are made for quick and safe loading of small machinery like cars and other types of medium-sized four-wheelers or equipment. Our ramps are available in different sizes, and we stock options that can support the weight of between 750 and 2500kg. They range from 1.5 to 3.3 meters in length, and come with a lip to help prevent you from slipping off the edge of the ramp.

Even though our ramps are designed to support heavyweight, they are light enough for one person to manhandle them. At a weight of 7kg to 23kg, you certainly won't need mechanical means to move them around. We understand what your needs are when it comes to alloy loading ramps in NZ, so you can expect that ours will be durable and also help you save time with loading and unloading your machinery from a truck.

All ramps you buy from TransQuip come with secure pins, which makes it possible for you to fasten them to the vehicle, so they do not move when you are using them. We are aware of the potential risks associated with using ramps, which is why we include safety features in ours.

For all your durable, lightweight, and easy to use car ramps in NZ, there is only one name you can trust, and that's Rapid Ramps from TransQuip. Get in touch with us today, and browse through our inventory, we are sure we have the gear that will meet your needs.

16 Items

Light industrial ramps 750kg
NZ$‎976.46 + GST / Pair
Code: 2049
Light industrial ramps 850kg
NZ$‎891.55 + GST / Each
Code: 2048
Light industrial ramps 950kg
NZ$‎827.86 + GST / Each
Code: 2047
1.8m, 1100kg alloy loading ramps
NZ$‎753.57 + GST / Pair
Code: 2046
1.5m, 1200kg alloy loading ramps
NZ$‎689.89 + GST / Pair
Code: 2045
Light industrial ramps 1500 kg, 3.3m
NZ$‎1,868.01 + GST / Pair
Code: 2024
Light industrial ramps 1700 kg, 3m
NZ$‎1,719.40 + GST / Pair
Code: 2023
Light industrial ramps 1900 kg, 2.7m
NZ$‎1,581.44 + GST / Pair
Code: 2022
Light industrial ramps 2200 kg, 2.4m
NZ$‎1,443.46 + GST / Pair
Code: 2021
Light industrial ramps 2500kg, 2.1m
NZ$‎1,294.86 + GST / Pair
Code: 2020
Light industrial ramps 900 kg, 3m
NZ$‎1,549.59 + GST / Pair
Code: 2014
Light industrial ramps 1000 kg, 2.7m
NZ$‎1,443.46 + GST / Pair
Code: 2013
Light industrial ramps 1200 kg, 2.4m
NZ$‎1,305.48 + GST / Pair
Code: 2012
Light industrial ramps 1400 kg, 2.1m
NZ$‎1,188.73 + GST / Pair
Code: 2011
Light industrial ramps 1700 kg, 1.8m
NZ$‎1,050.75 + GST / Pair
Code: 2010
Ramp pins (10mm) each
NZ$‎17.21 + GST / Each
Code: 2000