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Grease Guns & Equipment

One thing every machine has in common is that they have moving parts that will need greasing to help reduce friction and eliminate premature wear. To do this, you will need to apply grease regularly to keep your machine running smoothly....

While you have the option of using your hands to apply the grease directly, TransQuip provides safer and cleaner alternatives like a battery-powered grease gun or a hand-powered grease gun. With TransQuip's battery grease guns, you'll be able to get your job done right and in a jiffy! Our air pressure grease gun features a bleeder valve and grease cartridges that give you control of how much lubrication you use.

Our range has a huge number of products to suit any use or budget. The range, which can be viewed online, includes:

  • Lever action grease guns with superb leverage (these require two hands to operate)
  • Pistol grip grease guns that can be operated with one hand (ideal for greasing hard to reach nipples)
  • Electric cordless battery grease gun with rechargeable batteries that will save your energy - all you need to do is connect the hose to the nipple, pull the trigger and pump away!
  • Grease cartridges which are easy to reload
  • Accessories like couplers, rigid and flexible extensions so you can set your grease gun up to suit your application. Couplers come in 3 jaws, 4 jaws and needlepoint options. The flexible extensions come in 4 sizes while the rigid extension only comes in 1 size.

Whether you are shopping for a trailer or tractor, all our grease guns are suitable for use in all types of commercial vehicles. Contact us today at TransQuip for your grease equipment. Our customer service is one of the best around, and our products will be found to be durable and robust.

35 Items

Powergun, 18v, 450g
NZ$‎795.60 + GST / Each
Code: PG450
K32 flexigun, 400g
NZ$‎288.70 + GST / Each
Code: K32
400gm Grease Cartridge EP2 Grease
NZ$‎11.73 + GST / Each
Code: 5450
Grease nipple kit, 101 metric
NZ$‎179.62 + GST / Each
Code: 5371
Grease nipple kit, 101 imperial
NZ$‎179.62 + GST / Each
Code: 5370
Grease gun, pistol grip, takes 400gm cartridge
NZ$‎160.18 + GST / Each
Code: 5361
Grease gun, lever type, takes 400gm cart
NZ$‎105.90 + GST / Each
Code: 5360
Grease gun (MacNaught) lever action 10,000 PSI
NZ$‎204.92 + GST / Each
Code: 5351
Grease gun (MacNaught) pistol grip 7500 PSI
NZ$‎232.80 + GST / Each
Code: 5350
Quick release grease gun coupler
NZ$‎61.79 + GST / Each
Code: 5342
Rigid grease gun extension
NZ$‎18.59 + GST / Each
Code: 5341
3 jaw grease coupler, individual
NZ$‎25.59 + GST / Each
Code: 5340
18v cordless grease gun kit
NZ$‎525.90 + GST / Each
Code: 5337
Air operated Grease gun
NZ$‎217.54 + GST / Each
Code: 5336
Grease gun loader 20 litre
NZ$‎457.34 + GST / Each
Code: 5326
Air operated grease pump kit, 18-20kg
NZ$‎1,112.14 + GST / Each
Code: 5320
70cm flexible extension
NZ$‎64.55 + GST / Each
Code: 5316
45cm flexible Grease Gun Hose
NZ$‎42.59 + GST / Each
Code: 5315
30cm flexible Grease gun hose
NZ$‎28.22 + GST / Each
Code: 5314
Needle point only
NZ$‎7.98 + GST / Each
Code: 5313N
Coupler - needle point
NZ$‎13.76 + GST / Each
Code: 5313
Coupler - standard 4 jaw
NZ$‎13.76 + GST / Each
Code: 5311
Deluxe trigger action grease gun 8500 PSI
NZ$‎193.10 + GST / Each
Code: 5309