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Hour Meters

What is an Hour Meter?

Hour meters track and record usage time. These are useful in checking usage time in combustion motors and can help a great deal where maintenance scheduling and warranty is concerned. TransQuip has a wide range of meters designed to track usage in different ways....

Hour Meter Types

Hour meters vary in shape, power, and display among other features. The instruments may either have electromechanical or LCD displays. At TransQuip, you get options such as simple analog devices, or the more advanced varieties that come with digital LCD displays.

Tracking Usage

Some meter counters are activated when the ignition goes on. Since it is possible for the ignition to be on while the engine is not running, such meters do not give the correct engine run time. However, other counters come with sensors that only log time when the engine is running.

Why use a Vehicle Hour Meter?

Hour meters are vital for knowing how much work machinery has done and are often used for charging on hire costs or machinery use. You calculate the resale value for cars or any other equipment based on general condition, age, and logged time. While many machines come with a preinstalled odometer, TransQuip can help with those not kitted out adequately. TransQuip supplies meters that give a clearer picture of a vehicles usage and value. In fact, buyers and sellers can make good use of this information. Additionally, scheduled maintenance on engines is necessary especially when the equipment operates in harsh conditions. Ensuring regular serving can prevent costly delays as systematic maintenance prolongs the equipment's lifetime. Guarantee of your equipment is often calculated using running hours, and not the years since the day of purchase. In such cases, getting a gauge that can give a clear picture of equipment usage is a wise move. TransQuip meters make it easy to determine how much actual work the equipment in question has done whenever something goes wrong.

Final Thought

An hour meter is essential if you want to monitor your usage. If you are looking for an hour meter NZ, get in touch with TransQuip today, or browse through our range to see if you will find the right product for your machinery. TransQuip stocks high-quality products in addition to offering shipping to anywhere in NZ.

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Hour meter vibration activated
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digital tach / hour meter
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resettable hour meter
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magneto powered hour meter
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alternator powered hour meter
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