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Why you Need Mudguards or Mud Flaps?

It's common knowledge that mudguards and mud flaps protect your vehicle and other road users. You've probably experienced how challenging it is when driving on dirt roads, through puddles, sand, or mud and having debris splashed all over your vehicle. Other than soiling the vehicle with a coat of mud or grime, you are also probably spattering following vehicles. Getting TransQuip's high quality products is the ultimate solution to this problem.... The mudguards and mud flaps help keep your vehicle clean and smart. These accessories prevent the buildup of mud on the vehicle's vulnerable components. The benefit is that you won't need to visit the body shop or car wash so regularly, which saves you money. In fact, you also save your car's paint. What's more, these devices can have an aesthetic purpose. Besides warding off-road debris, you can customize the splash guards to have a striking appeal.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Mudguard

If you are looking for mudguards or mud flaps for sale, TransQuip has a wide variety of these components. Yet, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you land the perfect deal.

1. Material

Heavy-duty rubber is one common material. Rubber is very flexible and softer than plastic. Plastic mud flaps are the other option. These are more rigid so are not so likely to bend with the trucks wind movement.

2. Fit

Your truck mud flaps should fit well to serve the intended purpose. TransQuip has specified the sizes of these accessories to ensure that you get one that aligns with your vehicle.

3. Weight

The weight and rigidity of the mudguards affects their performance. A light or flexible one blows backward, allowing road debris to splash out. A heavy-duty vehicle might require a stiff or weighty mudguard to work effectively.

4. Design

You can add a personal flair on the front and rear mud flaps to improve your image. Some styles such as patriotic emblems or your company branding can enhance the appearance of your splash guards.

Installing your Mudguard

At TransQuip, we can guide you in respect of rubber mud flaps or plastic mud flaps. Ensure that you test the flaps to ascertain they fit well. Clean the mounting hardware to rid it off any dirt before fixing the splash guards. If your vehicle doesn't have the pre-drilled holes, you can drill based on the size of the flaps. Level your mudguards and tighten the screws to have them in place.

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We have a variety of high-quality rubber and plastic mud flaps, as well as related accessories such as clamps and saddles. Get in touch with TransQuip today or browse our range for the best equipment in New Zealand.

34 Items

TransQuip Plasflap White Mudflap 605x450mm
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TransQuip Plasflap White Mudflap 605x300mm
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