Aluminium Trench Shields

At TransQuip, we offer a complete range of certified ground support systems. Our trench shoring options are available in a full range of widths and sizes to suit your individual needs - whether it's a small utility manhole or a kilometer-long sewer line. Our systems ensure your trench protection is certified, legal, and meets New Zealand and global safety standards....

Our aluminium shields are designed with one thing in mind, to meet the needs of our vast clientele base. We know our clients want a piece of equipment that is reliable, durable, and simple to operate, so you can be sure we always endeavour to meet this standard.

All our shields have lifting points, so you can expect they will be easy to move around. Some of them can be used as either 'open' trench shields or 'closed' box shields. They are lightweight, and mobile, so you can quickly shift them. Our popular 2.4m x 1.2m shield is excellent as a maintenance unit that fits in the back of your ute and can be assembled or dismantled in minutes and carried into backyards or restricted areas.

With adjustable spreader bars available, this system will shore numerous different trenches. It features a flexible strut system which means that you can create positive ground pressure. This is when you adjust the struts out to shore up the walls of a trench. With different strut points on the panels, it is ideal for working around services, as you are not restricted to just one position. Our devices are easy to handle - a shield can be moved and assembled by only two people. Detachable legs enable you to keep the shield off the bottom of the trench, where needed.

Our larger, deeper shields are perfect for those deep and long jobs that require a high strength to weight ratio. This is ideal for using smaller excavators to save your operating costs and keeps your workers safe while they are working in the trench.

At TransQuip, we also provide custom sizes on request, to help you get the type of shield you need. Our man-hole boxes feature a simple design and are easy to use for all your access chambers, utility holes, or any kind of shaft. Try us at TransQuip for all your needs, your aluminium Trench shields, Steel shields, Soldier Sets or Road Plates you can be sure that we've got you covered.

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