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Commercial Seats & Seatbelts

The value of having a comfortable seat cannot be neglected. This applies for all types of motor vehicles, including machines such as forklifts with forklift seat. Finding the right seat is significant as it provides body support, reduces fatigue, and the seat suspension protects the body from jarring vehicle movements....

Commercial Vehicle Safety

Apart from comfort, occupants must observe vehicle safety at all times, and which is only assured by having quality safety belts installed to all vehicle seats. In New Zealand, traffic laws require that everyone in the front seat of a vehicle must wear a seat belt. They are an important part of a vehicle's safety system. This simple nylon strap can save lives in the case of an accident.

Different Types of Seat Belts

Depending on the motor vehicle type, there are several types of seat belts. However, not all offer the same protection level:

  • - Lap belts - They are the oldest type and use an adjustable strap that goes across the person's waist. This design does not restrain the drivers or passengers shoulder, head, torso, and neck. They are rare in modern cars, but are sometimes found in the rear-facing seats.
  • - ALR or Three-point belts - Most modern vehicles use the 3-point seat belt due to their good performance. It consists of nylon stretching from the passenger's shoulder, across the chest, and ending in a lap belt across the waist. In case of a collision, the belts spread out energy across the chest, shoulder, and pelvis, preventing such severe injuries.
  • - Five-point harness - They are preferably safer than other belts as they fasten passengers and restrict movements. They are usually preferred as child restraint belts, or cars participating in competitive racing.
  • - Automatic - Comprise of shoulder straps that automatically move in place once the vehicle starts to secure the passengers. They have a separate lap belt that must be fastened manually.

TransQuip has the seats and seatbelts needed to keep your industrial or heavy vehicle safe. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us or browse the range of products available in our seatbelt sales category.

11 Items

Easi-Grip seatbelt, molded hand grips
NZ$‎354.06 + GST / Each
Code: KIE8906FO
3" ALR lap seatbelt with electric buckle
NZ$‎320.82 + GST / Each
Code: KIE7597
3" Lap seatbelt kit, black, springbelt buckle
NZ$‎395.56 + GST / Each
Code: KI7689
Springbelt with Electric buckle & 3 inch ALR
NZ$‎492.58 + GST / Each
Code: KI7688EL
3" ALR seatbelt kit, black, springbelt buckle
NZ$‎476.66 + GST / Each
Code: KI7688
3" Lap Seatbelt Kit, 200mm Flexi Buckle
NZ$‎250.37 + GST / Each
Code: KI7611
3" Lap seatbelt kit, black, 135mm buckle
NZ$‎201.68 + GST / Each
Code: KI5373
Forklift Suspension Seat
NZ$‎446.00 + GST / Each
Code: 4184