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Loading Ramps

The benefits of aluminium loading ramps:

Our selection of loading ramps are constructed from quality aluminium (alloy). Aluminium is used because it is a lightweight, weatherproof and durable material that can be used in outdoor locations without rusting or compromising its quality. Although aluminium is lightweight, it provides a strong reliable surface for machinery to be loaded on. TransQuip offers cost-effective options that provide innovative solutions for loading problems. They are professionally engineered, with a proven design, giving you peace of mind....

When are loading ramps required?

Loading ramps are required to make the process of transporting equipment and machinery much more effective and less labour-intensive. For example, they can be used to load up machinery without needing to use a loading bay, or to tow around a cumbersome trailer. You can get many benefits from their use as they allow more freedom for where and when machinery can be loaded and unloaded from a vehicle.

Using loading ramps can help a business improve their:

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Quality of work
  • Use of space
As our loading ramps are stable, they improve the speed and efficiency of work as items can be loaded with much greater ease. This reduces risk when loading equipment which, in turn, protects the workers and the companies they work for.

Find the right alloy loading ramps for your machinery:

They are available in a number of lengths, widths and weights to ensure you can find the right one for your needs. Our ramps are suitable for a range of conditions, including environments prone to experiencing rain. As all of our ramps are portable, they can be easily transported.

We supply loading ramps NZ businesses can rely on.

For more information about loading ramps, do not hesitate to get in touch with TransQuip today or browse our ramp selection.

32 Items

Forklift container ramp 2.2m wide x 1.96m long
NZ$‎3,961.35 + GST / Pair
Code: 2101
6000kg ramp rung
NZ$‎63.67 + GST / Each
Code: 2076
4500kg Ramp Rung
NZ$‎42.45 + GST / Each
Code: 2074
Industrial ramps, 600 rung, 7500 kg, 3.6m
NZ$‎4,139.32 + GST / Pair
Code: 2037
Industrial ramps, 450 rung, 4500kg, 3.6m
NZ$‎3,014.28 + GST / Pair
Code: 2034
Industrial ramps, 450 rung,4500kg, 3.3m
NZ$‎2,908.14 + GST / Pair
Code: 2033
Industrial ramps, 400 rung, 3000 kg, 3.3m
NZ$‎2,335.01 + GST / Pair
Code: 2031
Ramp pins (14mm)Single, inc. R clip
NZ$‎21.21 + GST / Each
Code: 2030
Forklift container ramp 2.2m wide x 3.0m long
NZ$‎5,074.87 + GST / Pair
Code: 2102
Light industrial ramps 750kg
NZ$‎976.46 + GST / Pair
Code: 2049
Light industrial ramps 850kg
NZ$‎891.55 + GST / Each
Code: 2048
Light industrial ramps 950kg
NZ$‎827.86 + GST / Each
Code: 2047
1.8m, 1100kg alloy loading ramps
NZ$‎753.57 + GST / Pair
Code: 2046
1.5m, 1200kg alloy loading ramps
NZ$‎689.89 + GST / Pair
Code: 2045
Light industrial ramps 1500 kg, 3.3m
NZ$‎1,868.01 + GST / Pair
Code: 2024
Light industrial ramps 1700 kg, 3m
NZ$‎1,719.40 + GST / Pair
Code: 2023
Light industrial ramps 1900 kg, 2.7m
NZ$‎1,581.44 + GST / Pair
Code: 2022
Light industrial ramps 2200 kg, 2.4m
NZ$‎1,443.46 + GST / Pair
Code: 2021
Light industrial ramps 2500kg, 2.1m
NZ$‎1,294.86 + GST / Pair
Code: 2020
Light industrial ramps 900 kg, 3m
NZ$‎1,549.59 + GST / Pair
Code: 2014
Light industrial ramps 1000 kg, 2.7m
NZ$‎1,443.46 + GST / Pair
Code: 2013
Light industrial ramps 1200 kg, 2.4m
NZ$‎1,305.48 + GST / Pair
Code: 2012