Trench Covers & Steel Road Plates

Leaving your utility holes exposed without covering them can be a very dangerous practice, especially if the public has access to the site. When in the market for a high-quality plastic and steel trench covers, there are a few things you want to keep in mind, like the strength to weight ratio, and the strengthening technology used in the design. Plus, there are health and safety issues you want to keep in mind when shopping for this category of construction equipment....

At TransQuip, our trench covers are safe to use on many construction sites, and all our products are fully supported to help you meet the standards in New Zealand. We have a variety of options, and our products are designed to provide covers for any kind of hole or trench in any specific underground service.

Our steel plates are ideal for road use when a heavy-duty application is expected as they can withstand high wheel loads. Unlike the plastic plates, our steel plates can take more weight, which makes them ideal for trucks and heavy machinery.

We have plastic reinforced plates suitable for temporary use, when constant movement is expected, such as if a hole needs to be covered when not being worked on. We also stock pedestrian plastic trench covers with anti-slip technology and smooth edges on all sides to help reduce trip hazards. Our trench covers have smooth edges on two ends and can be clipped together to create a 'wider' cover, which is perfect for covering small trenches across driveways. Also, feel free to inquire about custom steel plates; we endeavor to provide you with an option that is the perfect size for you.

Contact us today at TransQuip and browse through our range of construction and safety products. We have numerous options available to you. So whether you are shopping for a plastic manhole cover or you need a steel road plate, we will provide you with the quality service you require. Check us out today, and you will be glad you did.

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