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Emergency Hammers

What Is a Life Hammer and How Does It Work?

An emergency hammer, is part of the unique safety equipment you can get to break through vehicle windows during an emergency. They also come in handy in similar situations in a building. In fact, their strong steelhead is specially designed to smash through glass surfaces. The hammer also acts as an emergency multi tool. While the head can be used as a tool to break car window glass, the tail has been designed to function as a seat belt cutter....

If you are a driver or a supervisor in an industrial warehouse, you can easily fit life hammers in strategic positions. Increase the efficiency of their accessibility by adding an emergency sign close by, to let people know that the hammer is for emergency purposes. Attach your tool to a cable to drastically minimize misuse or theft, or buy one with an alarm which sounds when the hammer is removed from the mount.

Features to look out for in an Emergency Hammer

An emergency hammer has specific features, with toughness being the most important, to ease your efforts of breaking through a glass window quickly. The rear end should have a blade fitted that is sharp enough to cut through a car's safety belt within seconds, to free a trapped passenger or driver. What's more, the mount improves positioning for thorough and swift completion of the emergency efforts. At TransQuip, you find several options to suit your application.

Emergency Signs

Safety signs such as fire extinguisher signs are must-have components to keep them aware of where emergency equipment is located and also guide people to where exit routes and hazardous areas are. Ideally, they are devices or labels that indicate safe routes during emergencies. In fact, in New Zealand, it is a Health and Safety requirement to install easily identifiable and visible emergency signs. To satisfy all the obligations in your work settings, go for the recommended ones such as the fire exit signs.

For efficiency, ensure the design of your safety signs satisfies the minimum standards. At TransQuip, you get high-quality ones perfectly fit for either indoors or outdoors uses. Moreover, you can integrate your emergency sign into the surroundings that enhances their usability within your settings. An example is a sign made to adhere to a vehicle's window with symbols to help people quickly locate where the first aid kit or fire extinguishers is stored.

Do you have any questions about Emergency Signs and Life Hammers? Get in touch with TransQuip today or browse our range to see what we have in store. Our company has a well-trained team of experts to look after your needs. We assure you that all our equipment is not only top-quality but also priced with you in mind.

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