Do You Have the Perfect Work Light?

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Isn't it frustrating when you need just half an hour more to complete a job, and the sun goes down leaving you in darkness and with an unfinished job!

LED Worklights come in most shapes and sizes, from the lowest budget to the highest quality. Starting with the entry-level unit to light up the few meters on the back of your truck when loading up, to the very bright and high-quality units that can handle the dust and vibration of an excavator working in the mines.

Check out the video above to learn about a few of our most common work lights, then keep reading to find out about the different mount and beam options.

A couple of points you need to know when purchasing a work light:

Work light Mounting Options

Mounting Bracket Quality

You may get good bright light but without a bracket that lasts the distance, you may have nothing left holding the light in place. Remember vibration is a major breakdown on many electrical vehicle-mounted products.

Mounting Types

The different kinds of mounting are also important to keep in mind is your work light going to be attached to your vehicle or do you want something that can be moved around and just attached where it is required short term?

Worklight Beams

Make sure you have enough width in the beam to cover your work area. Some units will light up many meters in front of you but don't show a lot in the width or out to the side of your work area. If you're towing a wide implement you need to see those boundary fences. 😉 You may need to get a bar light instead of just a round or square work light.

Beam Type

The kind of beam also will help to suit your needs - do you want it to be a flood or spot beam?


This is the brightness of the light, so the higher the lumens the brighter the light!

Did you know that having your light radio interference-free is not only essential so your communication is not interrupted, but it also needs to meet the law? For safety reasons, all of your equipment has to be radio interference-free.

Now you have a quick overview of what to look for in a work light you are probably wondering what work lights are on the market? Yes, we have a full range. Check them out here. If you still have any questions then please contact us we would love to help you.