Folding Mount for Pilot Vehicle Signs #9251

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August 24, 2023 at 11:58:16 AM PDT August 24, 2023 at 11:58:16 AM PDTth, August 24, 2023 at 11:58:16 AM PDT

This is a folding mount for Pilot Vehicle Signs - Part number #9251. Primarily for use on pilot vehicles guiding oversized transport. It is assembled out of aluminium to achieve strength while maintaining a lightweight presence. It was designed due to many customer requests for a folding mount for Pilot Vehicle Signs.

It has been made to install quickly and easily onto your vehicle's roof racks to save you time when setting up a pilot vehicle. The folding mount is made to fit our Pilot Vehicle Signs which has messages on the front like WIDE LOAD FOLLOWS and on the rear PILOT VEHICLE.

This mount has a bracket on the front to fit our 9903 Flashing Bar Light series. The bar light fits nicely on there with pre-drilled holes and is designed to be mounted low enough so you can see the flashing beam around the vehicle below your roof racks, without blocking the view of the signs. The most popular way to mount this to the vehicle is using roof bars, which work with the bar light bracket.

The other beauty about this mount is how quickly you can fold it up and down when you are on the job - simply unclip it, move the stays back and re-clip them in the back holes, push the panel down flat, and hey presto! You're done! The stays are slightly under tension to minimise any annoying rattles or squeaks whilst travelling - we've thought of everything!

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