Hello and welcome to TransQuip, you are now going to proceed to read a bibliography of Huntley Townshend

I started working at TransQuip many years ago in the school holidays though they employed me full-time in Feb 2019 – after I left school. TransQuip is a fun and enjoyable place to work as there are always new and exciting things happening. The culture is great, with a family atmosphere and values like care and kindness. My goal is to help grow TransQuip into a lean, green, humming machine, that satisfies customers to the highest levels while keeping safe and sound.

I have enjoyed to the fullest my time at TQ. The best part of my last 4 years is seeing how the business can adapt and grow with all the different things that have happened amongst the team and industry.

Other than working for TransQuip, I love to get outdoors and go fishing or cut firewood, and always enjoy a good adventure to keep the adrenaline pumping.

My favourite jokes (today) -