Trench Shields

How does trench shoring work?

Trench shoring or shields are a vital safety tool for protecting personnel and gear in dangerous situations. Any work being done in a trench must be protected from the trench sides collapsing in and trapping, crushing or suffocating personnel. Hydraulic trench shoring involves pumping hydraulic pistons outward with a hydraulic cylinder until the panels are firmly pressed against the walls of a trench. Hydraulic shoring is also referred to as vertical hydraulic shoring....

Shoring vs shielding:

Trench shoring is designed to brace and fortify the walls of a trench to prevent it from collapsing and causing damage. Shielding, on the other hand, does not support or hold up the walls of a trench, rather they are just used to protect workers in the event of a collapse.

What is a trench box or manhole box system?

A trench box system is ideal for use in a trench area with a square or rectangle shape. The system works much like standard trench shields but creates a closed-off supported area, rather than a tunnel-like shape. It protects from cave-ins and collapses on each side of a four-sided trench. It is ideal for installing manholes.

How can I work around services when trenching?

Modular trench protection or soldier sets are ideal for working around services like wiring or pipes. Modular systems can be built up to the size you require while leaving space for services running through the trench space. Soldier set or planks are used to support the walls or sheets so are ideal for small trenches or to work around services. Soldier sets are available with hydraulic bars or manual bars.

Customize your system:

You're unique and so are your projects. We understand that different projects have different requirements and we can help you create a custom shoring system that meets your requirements, and all legal trench shoring regulations. We offer customized shields with trench widths to suit your trench designs and use different material such as lightweight alloy or heavy-duty steel plating. Our modular system is versatile, with over 68 different configurations and increasing, to suit every project. We can supply larger shields such as large steel shields for robust, rugged work to slide rail systems for long term solutions. These slide rail systems are flexible, with many options from the width of the trench, to the length and the depth of the shields. From open-ended shields to 3-sided and closed box configurations, we have it all sorted. If you need completely customized components designed and created to help you get your job done faster and efficiently we can help solve your problem.

Create a safe work environment:

Effective and efficient trench shoring is essential, to ensure you avoid legal penalties and for creating a safe and positive work environment for workers. The right protection will make workers feel valued and confident as they work in a trench, and they can achieve their tasks a lot quicker.

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