This Video Answers the Most Common FAQ's About Large Aluminium Trench Shields

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The big trench shields for the big jobs

Guardian large aluminium trench shields provide civil construction companies with the fit-for-purpose solutions you need to work safely and efficiently, whatever the project.

Have questions about these large alloy trench shields? Check out this video we have made to answer the most common FAQ's our customers ask or keep reading for even more in-depth info

The robust systems have all the strength and durability of thick aluminium walls combined with a clever, proprietary design for extra peace of mind and better performance.

Guardian has been sourcing these trench shields from Lite Industries in Melbourne for over 15 years. The aluminium fabricators are Australasian sector leaders and shoring specialists.

That means certainty and continuity backed by a long manufacturing record.

Check out these kPas!

Suited to medium to larger scale projects that require a high strength to weight ratio, you can rely on these large trench shields to keep workers safe (the number one priority!) and the job moving along smoothly.

The kPa specs (one of the things we're asked about most often) are solid. The 3.6 metre has 42 kPa, the 5 metre has an impressive 70 kPa (due to the wall thickness and design) and the 7.2 metre has 36kPa.

Certified for peace of mind

Certified to American, European, Australian and New Zealand standards for ground support and trench shoring, the trench shields are suited to all soil types - from sand to clay. For a relatively small country, New Zealand has one of the world's most diverse ranges of soil types, sometimes changing within metres, so it pays to be prepared.

Purchase? Or Hire? You can do both!

Civil companies often have a lot on the go. To meet the demands of that fast-paced environment Guardian provides the option of sales and hiring of large aluminium trench shields. That gives you the flexibility to respond to shorter-term projects and opportunities, changing requirements, deadline pressures, and budgets of all sizes. A lot of the companies we deal with find a combination of purchase and hire works best for them.

Lift trench shields versus drag trench shields

Guardian also supplies drag trench shields, and the large aluminium trench shields are all installed by lifting them into place. This gives them a price and availability advantage over alloy drag shields.

The lift trench shields are characterised by flat, rather than cutting, vertical edges although they still have a cutting edge along the bottom edge to assist in grounding them in the soil.

Every single set has four robust lifting eyelets at the top. Two on each panel, two for each side. That makes the shields quick and easy to lift into place using a digger and lifting chains.

Struts you can trust

The large aluminium trench shields can be used with either solid or adjustable struts. Solid struts are available in; 0.8 m, 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 2m, and 2.4 m. Adjustable struts are available in the 0.6m to 0.8m, 0.8m to 1.2m, 1.2 metres to 2m and 1.4m to 2.4m

Using adjustable struts means there is less equipment to transport to the site when you have multiple-width trenches, and they increase flexibility.

Struts can be custom-made, but they cost a bit more, and it takes longer to supply. (Just ask us for details.)

Can I make the shoring deeper, or create a box?

In a word, yes! The system is fully modular and can be simply joined using brackets, bolts and pins into configurations to suit the project - safely and efficiently. We've even got an easy-to-follow video to show you how it all comes together Here.

Custom options

Some jobs demand something a little different. Custom-made systems are certainly available.

Aluminium's advantages

In addition to their strength, relatively light weight and ease of manoeuvrability, unlike steel, aluminium construction means the trench systems won't rust. That's a big advantage in longevity, and when working long years in New Zealand's often wet and muddy conditions, and extremes of temperature. See all sizes of the Guardian aluminium trench shields here.

Safety first!

The large aluminium trench shields are big shields, used by professionals on bigger projects. But we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't still provide a safety reminder.

New Zealand law states that trench protection must be used when working in a trench of 1.5m or deeper. At Guardian, we'd go a bit further and say that any time your head is below ground level (e.g. bending down or kneeling to work on pipes or cables), you need a trench shield.

People will often respond that it's just a quick job. But remember that trenches can (and do) collapse in 1/10th of a second. That's not enough time to get up and get out.

In addition to our large aluminium trench shields, TransQuip has shoring systems that start at the humble but effective soldier trench shields and go right up through the range, including shields you can transport on the back of your Ute!

If you have any questions at all about what you need to get the job done safely, just ask us. Or, for safety regulations in NZ, jump on the Worksafe site.

Talk to us about your needs today, our trench (and people) protection experts are ready to help. Browse our full Guardian trench shoring range Here.

While Transquip constantly strives to give accurate and up-to-date advice regarding our products, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet any legal requirements, rules or regulations when using them.